Alpha® 200i and T 5 Mini Bundle


Meet the new, sleeker, more feature-packed, more powerful Garmin Alpha:
Larger 3.5″ sunlight-readable touchscreen display
Three side buttons for even more versatility
16 GB of internal memory — 4X more memory than the Alpha 100
Interactive global SOS alerts and two-way messaging via satellite


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Garmin ALPHA 200i + T5 MINI GPS Dog Tracking Collar Combo

Hunt More Productively, Efficiently, and Safely:

  • Track and train your dog with just one handheld on just one screen
  • One less system to keep charged and carry around
  • One less collar to weigh your dog down
  • Quick-charge batteries with a long run time mean more hunting, more training, and less charging
  • Track your friends’ Alpha handhelds in the field
  • Top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS / Galileo receiver for increased signal reception
  • Rescue Mode preserves battery life so you can find lost dogs
  • Emergency Alert lets you send your dog’s last known location and an alert message to other Alpha users in the area
  • Send interactive SOS alerts and two-way emergency messages via satellite anywhere in the world with built-in InReach technology (subscription required)

Know Where Your Dog Is, Where He’s Heading, and What He’s Doing:

  • Track up to 20 dogs or other Alpha handhelds
  • Track Alpha TT15 / TT15 MINI / TT10 collars plus Astro T5 / T5 MINI Collars (T5 collars must be set to Alpha mode and do not offer training functions)
  • The Compass Screen shows your dogs’ direction, distance, and speed
  • The Map Screen lets you see your dogs’ trails on the TOPO map
    • See if your dog is approaching a highway or property line
    • See if your dog is out of gun range
    • See if your dog is running too big BEFORE he gets too far out
  • 2.5 second dog status update rate
  • Know when your dog is on point or has treed with Pointing and Treeing Alerts
  • Preloaded TopoActive map features not just major highways and waterways but smaller roads, creeks, and streams
  • Includes a 1-year FREE subscription to BirdsEye satellite imagery

Training with the Alpha 200i:

You will have to add a TT15 or TT15 MINI collar to use the training functions on the Alpha 200i

  • Customizable buttons plus touchscreen controls for maximum versatility
  • Create your own configuration with specific stimulation types and settings for each dog
  • Access your custom settings immediately — easier and faster than setting manual controls
  • Use to train the most stubborn to the most sensitive dogs
  • Reinforce known commands and stop problem behaviors / break trash
  • 18 levels of continuous and momentary STIM
  • Non-stimulating vibration and tone functions
  • Expandable to 20 dogs with additional collars



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