Garmin Alpha 200, Handheld


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Garmin Alpha 200 Handheld

The Alpha 200 dog tracking and training system without inReach allows you to monitor up to 20 dogs from up to 9 miles depending on your dog device. See your BirdsEye maps on the bright 3.5” display that is visible even in full daylight. Control training functions with the customizable button-operated, dog-focused design. Access premium Garmin navigation features, like preloaded TopoActive maps and BirdsEye Satellite Imagery – and now you can download your satellite imagery directly to your Alpha 200i with just a wi-fi connection. No more messing with the computer!

Features of the Alpha 200 Handheld:

  • Easily setup and monitor up to 20 dogs from up to 9 miles away with a 2.5-second update rate by using multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS and Galileo).
  • User-replaceable lithium-ion batteries last up to 20 hours; up to 15 hours with inReach® technology enabled.
  • 18 levels of correction, including vibration and adjustable tones.
  • Link to your smartphone or tablet with the free Garmin Explore App to give you real time tracking and satellite imagery. Your cell phone does not need service to use this feature.
  • Backward compatible so you can keep your existing collars and other Alpha® compatible devices; transfer location data between compatible Garmin devices.
  • New Hunt Metrics data shows each dog’s daily hunting patterns and behaviors per hunt so you can take measures to keep them healthy and safe. See the active hunt time and distance traveled for your Alpha 200 handheld as well as each paired collar device.
  • Compatible with Garmin Explore website and app to help you manage tracks, routes, and waypoints and review statistics from the field.
  • Sleek, thinner design with a larger screen but still built tough to withstand the outdoors and is extremely heavy duty.
  • Phone-like touch screen that allows you to swipe up, down and side to side for easier navigation when using the extensive features. Adjust the sensitivity of the screen so that you can even use it with gloves.
  • Side training buttons let you easily switch from dog to dog quickly and scroll without using the screen.
  • Sunlight readable screen gives you a brighter and clearer screen in sunlight – the sunnier it is, the brighter the screen automatically adjusts. Color rich display even in full sunlight.
  • The new multi-dog compass lets you have up to 4 dogs with their own compass at once. This view gives you a directional arrow for each dog as well as the distance and status. You also have an option to keep the old style with one compass and multiple arrows.
  • A redesigned dog list allows multiple groups of dogs – even if collars are inactive or interfere. Stop tracking one group and start tracking another group. Have your beagles on one group, hounds on another. Mix and match your friends’ handhelds with their dogs. The possibilities are endless!
  • Activate or deactivate any collar in your Dog List. When activated and tracking it shows the dog status and communication. It also lists your Dog ID, making it easier to organize you and your other dog runner’s IDs. You never have to go to your compass again to see which collars are connected with the handheld, now with a quick slide of a finger you can see it all!
  • Now you can customize your training buttons. Set your defaults to add dogs in like you want them, for example: vibrate/continuous/tone or or set up individual dogs differently according to their training needs or style.
  • The new (and vastly upgraded) training setup allows you to pre-set your buttons like you need them.  For example you can program your top three training buttons (located above the screen) as Vibrate (button 1), Continuous (button 2), Tone (button 3). Do this so that when you add new dogs the buttons are already the way you like, or you can manually set each dog differently. The Alpha 200 still has the Dog at Each Button option which is a favorite for the hunter or trainer with only two or three dogs and lets you tone or correct without having to look at the handheld.
  • BirdsEye Direct lets you choose an area you want to download, pick a size and it will upload through a wi-fi connection, straight to your handheld. You no longer have to mess with plugging your handheld into a computer and dealing with that finicky Garmin Basecamp software again! Never go to a new club or area again and not have BirdsEye!
  • The new competition timer gives you one countdown and 4 timers all in one screen. Name each individual timer so you can keep track of multiple counters at just a glance.


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