2020 Bird Dog Babe Gift Guide

01. Purina Pro Plan

Because your dog deserves the best, fuel them with Purina Pro Plan!

Purina Pro Plan SPORT Performance 30/20 All Life Stages dry dog food. Designed for our canine athletes to keep them fueled with nutrition that optimizes oxygen metabolism for more endurance. 

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02. Garmin Alpha 200i TT15 Bundle

Track and Train your dog with just one handheld on just one screen. Up to 9 mile radius, topography and InReach technology More Info

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03.Dakota283 Large G3 Purple Kennel

I absolutely LOVE these kennels! Not to mention they come in my favorite color, purple! The keyed door locks leave me worry free when I need to run into a gas station or camp overnight at my favorite hunting locations. The easy grip handles make them easy to maneuver in and out of my truck.  More Info

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04. Syren Elos D2

She had me at Hello! The D2 is gorgeous and my go-to for pheasant, sharpies, and clays. My husband even sneaks this one out the door for himself when I’m on kid-duty More Info

05. Syren Tempio Light

I call her ‘The Grouse-Slayer”, weighing in at 5# 10oz this shotgun is ideal for long days trudging through the thick ruffed grouse woods or climbing high elevations to chase Dusky Grouse.  More Info

06. BigFrig

Best price and quality coolers you will find! Direct to consumer, awesome customer service and great products! There are so many cooler options on the market, but BigFrig is a standout to getting more for the money and they offer customized options! More Info

07.Garmin Fenix 6s Pro

Class and Function! I used a Garmin Instinct this season and it was a game changer! But this will be a must-buy before next season. It goes above and beyond my previous FitBit, and the topo maps and dog tracking are an added bonus.

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08. Osprey Carrier

Have a kiddo and want to hunt? This is your answer! Seriously though, this carrier has been a lifesaver! If it had a bird pouch and shell pockets it would be even better, but it gets the job done! This carrier distributes weight well on the hips to alleviate stress on your back. More Info

09. Prois Pradlann Pants

These pants rock! No matter your body type, these pants fit, feel ultra comfy, and get the job done. I’ve beat the heck out of them this season and they’ve held up great! More Info

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10. HoundNHare Fairfax and Favor Explorer boots

Versatility Defined! These sassy boots are waterproof, making them fit and functional for hunting, horseback riding, or church! I have 3 different colored tassels, because it’s fun to accessorize for the occasion! Not to mention the folks at HoundNHare are amazing! More Info

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11. GunDog Grind Coffee

Delicious coffee, Beautiful Bird Dog art, and commitment to conservation… yep, I’ll drink to that! Make Gundog Grind the kickstart to your everyday Bird Dog endeavors! More Info

12. Boss Shotshells

Non-tox shells that have incredible pattern density that drop ’em like they’re hot! Keep lead out of our uplands, and shoot the Boss! Direct to consumer, excellent customer service, reduce crippling and allow more birds back to the nest.  More Info

13. FirstLite Talus Fingerless Merino Glove

My fingers are the first to get cold, but these fingerless, merino wool gloves allow me to keep my trigger finger ready without bulk, and keep my hands warm. I only wish I had these in previous years! More Info

14. GunDog Magazine

Never stop learning! Tips, tricks, hunting locations and gear suggestions, bird dog breed features, you name this magazine has it, and for only $10.99/yr it’s a steal. Make this a stocking stuffer for your bird dog-loving friends and family, for a gift that keeps on giving!  More Info



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