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Buy one kennel for the lifetime of your dog that provides unparalleled protection for travel to and from your hunting destinations.

  • Easy-grip Handle
  • Keyed Paddle Latching Door
  • Large Ventilation Holes
  • Easy-to-Clean Drain Hole
  • Molded & Assembled in the USA

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Put these on after a long day of hunting, it’s bliss! These foot alignment socks provide relief from plantar fascitis, hammer toe, overlapping toes and bunions. 

Take care of your foot cramps, pain in your feet and help to improve your circulation all at once with a pair of these innovative socks. Foot pain relief can start with as little as 15 minutes a day with these multicolor socks.

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Women’s hunting gear made by Women. Nothing beats the Pradlann Upland Line to fully outfit your next upland adventure. The Pradlann Pants are my absolute favorite, sooo comfortable!

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Puffin Drink Wear Koozies outfit your soda, beer and wine for all four seasons in beverage jackets, flannels, parkas, vests and sleeping bags. The sleeping bag version also comes in a wine bag, so keep that pinot grigio chilled during the next dog training session with your friend to enjoy afterwards.

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I’ve been utilizing onX for years for scouting, planning and navigating my hunts.  OnX has been a constant essential for every hunting, hiking, and camping trip.  Check out the #1 Hunting GPS App and join the millions of hunters who trust onX Hunt to find more game, discover new access, and hunter smarter.

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Improving reading and communication skills are a focus for our family everyday. The Smile Outside Children’s books are a great read for the kids, teaching them about animals, fish and conservation. Find out more about these books on Episode 042 of The Bird Dog Babe Podcast . 50 cents from every book sold goes to conservation!

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