You are currently viewing Episode 089: Tips For Rearing Your Own Gamebirds

Episode 089: Tips For Rearing Your Own Gamebirds

The Bird Dog Babe
The Bird Dog Babe
Episode 089: Tips For Rearing Your Own Gamebirds

It’s that time of year when many of us are planning out the amount of gamebirds for this dog training and testing season. Unless you raise and keep your own birds, chances are you’re at the mercy of the bird availability of your club or organization. If you have the time and space, rearing chicks on your own is a helpful option. April, a manager at MacFarlane Pheasants, walks us through the advantages of buying eggs vs chicks vs mature birds, as well as basic rearing and husbandy tips.

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4:15 Meet April of MacFarlane Pheasants
6:50 Ideal time to order chicks
7:40 Age start flying
8:40 Buying eggs vs chicks
10:25 Cost of feed considerations
11:45 Ideal setup for chicks
12:20 Heat lamps
12:50 Water supply
13:30 Electrolytes MacFarlane Vitamin Pack
16:00 Shipping mortality rate
16:45 Recommended chick feed
18:25 Importance of enough space
19:30 Ideal temp
20:25 Medications
21:05 Moving to flight pen
21:40 Ideal enclosure
22:10 Peepers and bits
22:40 Mixing species
23:30 Corn
24:40 Flight pens Flight Pen Manual
25:35 Good vs bad flyers
27:30 Chukar
28:50 Predator control
30:30 Breeding pheasants
33:00 Soil considerations
33:50 Nutrition
35:15 Pheasant Management Seminar
37:25 Videos
38:10 Current availability
39:15 Favorite pheasant recipes
40:25 Pheasant Fest
42:25 Pricing


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