Episode 046: Doing All Things Dad & Dogs w/ The Guys

Episode 046: Doing All Things Dad & Dogs w/ The Guys

The Bird Dog Babe
Episode 046: Doing All Things Dad & Dogs w/ The Guys

This episode is a complement to last weeks, so if you haven’t listened to Episode 45 with the girls, be sure to listen to that next! Today my husband, William Bastian, has taken over the mic for Guy’s Night. He is joined with Jason Marzolf of Marzolf X Kennel, Tate Martinsen or Martinsen’s Red Point Kennel, and Ethan Pippitt of Standing Stones Kennels. This is a great episode about their perspective as Dads, husbands, business owners, reputable breeders, and some of the best damn bird dog trainers I know.

5:00 Meet Jason Marzolf of MarzolfX Kennel

5:15 Meet Tate Martisen of Martinsen’s Red Point Kennel

5:35 Meet Ethan Pippitt of Standing Stones Kennels

6:08 Hunting season

11:35 Hunting with wives

16:20 His and Her dogs

18:55 Hunting with Kids and growing up hunting

27:05 Balancing work and family

34:35 Training dogs with kids

45:15 Importance of time for work and family

47:35 Separating business from home life

54:20 Finding your ‘me time’

1:00:00 Advice for family and living the life of a dog trainer

1:07:00 Steps to becoming a dog trainer


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