Episode 054: The NAVHDA Natural Ability Test w/Angie Coenen & Lisa Pehur

Episode 054: The NAVHDA Natural Ability Test w/Angie Coenen & Lisa Pehur

The Bird Dog Babe
The Bird Dog Babe
Episode 054: The NAVHDA Natural Ability Test w/Angie Coenen & Lisa Pehur

In this episode we are talking all things NAVHDA Natural Ability Test with Angie Coenen and Lisa Pehur. The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association is a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting and improving the versatile hunting dog. The natural ability test is for dogs up to 16 months old. No game is shot and no retrieves are required. There are 4 phases of the NAVHDA Natural Ability test which include field, tracking, water, and evaluation of physical attributes.

This episode is jam-packed with what a novice and experienced handler should know about all 4 phases of the test.We also touch on how to prepare for the day and some advice on how to get the most out of training days.

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7:28 Angie Coenen intro

8:20 Lisa Pehur intro

10:05 2021 Invitational Update

17:50 What does the NAVHDA NA test prove

23:30 What does a typical day of NA look like

26:30 Order of the day

30:05 Field Phase

39:20 A convincing point

45:00 Gunshyness test

47:17 Gunshy vs Gun Sensitive

50:45 Tracking Phase

58:40 Find a NAVHDA Handler’s Clinic

1:00:00 Tracking cover

1:03:15 Variables that occur in tracking

1:09:25 Water Phase

1:17:35 Importance of training on different bodies of water

1:20:00 NAVHDA NA Video

1:23:30 Evaluation Physical Attributes

1:31:30 What should you bring to the day of the NA test

1:35:20 How much are you allowed to talk to your dog

1:37:35 When should you test and enter a test

1:45:25 Dogs that test in NA that are already broke

1:46:00 How to get the most out of a NAVHDA training day

1:50:00 Making connections within the NAVHDA family

1:51:50 Pitch in

1:53:30 When should someone consider retesting their dog in NA

1:56:00 NAVHDA website


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