Dog Stakeout Line


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“Dog Stakeout Line” – the essential tool for hunting, training, and testing your canine companions. Our stakeout line is designed to bring out the best in your dogs, whether you have a pack of skilled pointers or a single eager learner. These are great for airing your dogs during travel and at training days.

When it comes to training pointing dogs, the Dog Stakeout Line is a game-changer. It goes beyond merely accommodating multiple dogs – it serves as a vital link in the training process. The long strings of dogs can benefit from this dynamic tool, as it fosters essential skills like neck cues, calmness, and perfect timing to “turn it on and off.”

Built with top-notch materials, our stakeout chain ensures the safety and comfort of your dogs while you focus on honing their natural instincts. The sturdy cable provides a secure anchor, even in challenging terrains, giving you peace of mind during your hunting and training adventures.

What sets the Dog Stakeout Line apart is its unparalleled customization options. Choose your preferred color – green, orange, pink, purple – to match your style and preferences. Additionally, tailor the number of drop lines to suit your specific training needs, whether you have a whole pack or a single dog.

But this stakeout line isn’t just for trainers with multiple dogs; it’s also a valuable tool for the single-dog owner. Whether you’re traveling, hunting, or simply perfecting obedience skills, our stakeout line helps in instilling discipline and focus in your dog.

Teach your dogs the art of patience and controlled excitement, guiding them to become well-rounded and dependable partners in the field. The Dog Stakeout Line is here to empower you in the training process and strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged hunting allies.


-1/4″ vinyl coated galvanized cable finished to 3/16″
-attachments are spaced 6′ apart
-available in orange

Drop Lines:
-1/8” vinyl coated galvanized cable finished to 3/16”
-24″ long
-2 3/8 Nickel Plate Bull Snaps
-available in orange, purple, pink, lime green

*Actual stakes are not included, we recommend large stakes for more than 2 dogs or ones that are apt to do a lot of jumping and pulling, which are made by Terry & Lisa Uhrich 307-262-4089. For a couple dogs, and rocky terrain we recommend the smaller stakes from Lion Country Supply

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