Episode 051: Find, Flush, Retrieve w/ Jordan Horak

Episode 051: Find, Flush, Retrieve w/ Jordan Horak

The Bird Dog Babe
Episode 051: Find, Flush, Retrieve w/ Jordan Horak

Jordan Horak is known as the ‘dog whisperer’ of Cocker Spaniels and he’s the maker of the Cato Board, a training place board for all breeds of dogs. Jordan discusses the training differences between Pointers and Spaniels, males vs females, and why that extra x chromosome is superior, eh I mean creative.  Jordan shares some great insight on training, hunting, and living with different types of bird dogs. This episode is a must listen!

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6:42 Cato Outdoors

9:25 Cocker Spaniels

12:30 Boykin vs Cockers

16:35 Difference between Pointers and Spaniels

26:00 Training for dogs that want to work with you

34:15 Training dogs after they’ve been allowed bad habits

45:40 Positive reinforcement with pigeons

49:56 Wild bird dogs vs Highly obedient dogs, male vs female

1:02:50 Hunting pointers and flushers together

1:07:20 Cato Board for the retrieve

1:15:15 Connect with Jordan


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