Episode 052: Our Forests. Our Future. w/Ashley Peters

Episode 052: Our Forests. Our Future. w/Ashley Peters

The Bird Dog Babe
Episode 052: Our Forests. Our Future. w/Ashley Peters

Ashley Peters is the Director of Communications and Marketing for the Ruffed Grouse Society & American Woodcock Society. She’s a conservationist, newer hunter and carries some deep envy for anyone that owns a bird dog. We discuss the current state of Ruffed Grouse, American Woodcock and forest habitat. Along with the importance and best approach of mentoring, hunting essentials on a budget, and more!


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7:15 Living in Minnesota

9:50 Growing up with conservation mindset

12:30 Bird Nerd Enthusiasts Unite

15:00 Getting started in hunting

25:45 Bird dog dreamin’

31:00 Role at Ruffed Grouse Society

36:10 Importance of public lands and forest management

38:45 Current state of Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock

41:15 West Nile Virus in Ruffed Grouse



42:30 Success of The Great American Outdoors Act

44:00 Restoring Americas Wildlife Act

45:00 Replant Act

46:00 Wildfire forest management

48:30 Who are RGS members

51:10 How to become a member

53:50 What can we do to help

57:30 Montana Grouse

1:02:30 Mentoring

1:05:50 Essentials to hunt on a budget

1:13:50 Favorite gamebird recipe

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Instagram and Twitter: @grouselady

Facebook: Ashley J Peters


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